Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere & Forest (LEAF) Centre

i-Tree Leeds: Putting a Value on the City’s Trees

June 11, 2018

As part of the Leeds4Trees project we are exploring the value of trees and green spaces across the city of Leeds, in collaboration with the United Bank of Carbon, the...READ ARTICLE

Forests are growing again where human well-being is increasing, finds new study

May 25, 2018

By Jamie Carr – University of Leeds; article originally published on The Conversation. Countries with high levels of human well-being are more likely to show increasing forest growth. That’s the...READ ARTICLE

New insight into climate impacts of deforestation

March 16, 2018

By Cat Scott (@catzigle) – University of Leeds Our recent research indicates that deforestation might be warming the climate even more than we thought. How cool are trees? We know...READ ARTICLE

Biodiversity estimates ‘coming of age’

February 12, 2018

An international competition to estimate the diversity of plants across the whole of Britain has shown that mathematical modelling techniques are ‘coming of age’. Models are widely used by scientists...READ ARTICLE

New study finds intact rainforests of Borneo are gaining biomass

December 21, 2017

The remaining undisturbed rainforests in Borneo, some of the world’s tallest and most carbon-dense, have been removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere over the past 50 years, a new study...READ ARTICLE

Understanding the climate impact of natural atmospheric particles

December 6, 2017

An international team of scientists, led by LEAF members at the University of Leeds, has quantified the relationship between natural sources of particles in the atmosphere and climate change. Their...READ ARTICLE