LEAF Lunchtime Lecture: “From tree rings to satellites – using different tools to study Amazon climate”

  • Date:
  • Location: 12 - 1 pm, Roger Stevens LT9, University of Leeds

For our next LEAF Lunchtime Lecture, Jess Baker from the School of Earth & Environment will be talking about her work on tropical rainforests.

Areas of remote tropical forest, such as the Amazon, pose a challenge to climate scientists, due to a scarcity of meteorological stations and long-term climate data. This can limit our ability to understand and predict how the forest will respond to ongoing climatic changes. This talk will cover some of the alternative methods that scientists use to study Amazon climate, from analyzing tree rings to investigate historical climate change over several centuries, to exploiting the abundance of satellite data to learn about spatial variability in climate in the present day.

Join us from 12 – 1 pm – everyone is welcome!