Skip to main content is a repository for long-term inventory plot data, and data management tool to better measure, monitor and understand the world’s tropical forests.

shutterstock_171352586_700x300_2With a focus on the tropics, 740 scientists have contributed datasets monitoring more than 1,000 locations across 31 countries. With the earliest measurement in 1939 to the latest in 2014, the database consists of over two million diameter measurements of trees from 11,000 species.

The database includes location, identity and diameter measurements of trees. Data owners set the level of access to their data and can view, edit and upload new censuses of their data, as well as being able to download standard fieldsheets to help recensusing. Registered users can also download the publicly available data. aims to assist forest scientists and forest people worldwide, with core management in the School of Geography at the University of Leeds.


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