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The Amazon Forest Inventory Network (RAINFOR) aims to understand the dynamics of Amazon ecosystems through international collaboration.

Co-ordinated by researchers from the School of Geography, RAINFOR has established a framework for monitoring water, carbon, and biodiversity in the Amazon region. The programme is based on long-term forest inventory plots, but also includes extensive collections of soil and plant biogeochemical data.

The work of RAINFOR, which spreads across Brazil, Guyana, Peru, Bolivia, French Guiana, Venezuela, Ecuador and Columbia has only been possible through extensive international cooperation and collaboration.

RAINFOR scientists work closely with other monitoring networks (AfriTRONGEMForestPlots, TROBIT) to standardise protocols and advance understanding of forest responses to planetary change.

Find out more about the RAINFOR project here.


Research area:

Forest Monitoring

The Team

Dr Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez