Terrific Tropical Trees!

This May, primary school children around the UK will have the opportunity to take part in the BBC’s Terrific Scientific Trees Investigation.
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For every school that takes part, LEAF’s charitable partner the United Bank of Carbon, have arranged for a tree to be planted in tropical Africa as part of Terrific Tropical Trees!

Developed in collaboration with LEAF scientists, the Trees investigation will see primary school children (aged 9-11) getting out of the classroom and learning about the plants and trees they can see around them. The children will collect data about the kinds of trees they find and how big they are, which they will send to us at LEAF. They will also be able to do some calculations to find out how much carbon their trees are storing, and how much their school is helping to fight climate change.

For each school that uploads their tree data to us, a Terrific Tropical Tree is being planted in either Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda or Madagascar.

In southern Tanzania, 4,000 trees are being sponsored by Samuel Grant Packaging and planted as part of the Udzungwa Forest Project. In partnership with rural villages in a newly proposed protected area, the Tanzanian project will restore former forest land by clearing weeds and planting a large number of trees.

In Kenya, 5,000 trees are being planted as part of the Trees for Life campaign from the Bettys & Taylors Group. The indigenous trees being planted, in partnership with the Kenyan Tea Development Agency, will help local school children to understand the importance of conservation as well the role of shade and shelter in improving the sustainability of tea farms.

United Bank of Carbon

Thousands of trees are also being planted by UBoC and the International Tree Foundation at The Amuria Schools Tree Planting Project in Eastern Uganda and the EDENN (Education, Développement, Environnement Naturel) project in Madagascar.

You can follow the progress of the Terrific Tropical Trees here and primary school teachers can still register here to take part in Terrific Scientific.