LEAF People

NameAreas of expertise
Prof Steve Arnold
Prof Steve ArnoldAtmospheric science
Dr Jess Baker
Dr Jess BakerTropical climate science
Dr Anna Barker
Dr Anna BarkerUrban green space
Dr Sarah Batterman
Dr Sarah BattermanTropical ecology
Dr Roel Brienen
Dr Roel BrienenTropical ecology
Dr Ed Butt
Dr Ed ButtAtmospheric science
Jamie Carr
Jamie CarrSustainable development
Dr Steve Carver
Dr Steve CarverWilderness, Wild land, Rewilding, GIS, environmental modelling, public participation, landscape ecology
Professor Martin Dallimer
Professor Martin DallimerEcosystem services, biodiversity conservation, valuation, biodiversity-health links, sustainable land management, social, economic and environmental impacts of ecosystem restoration
Francesca Darvill
Francesca DarvillUpland restoration
Stephen Denison
Stephen DenisonForest data analysis
Dr Monica Di Gregorio
Dr Monica Di GregorioEnvironmental politics and governance
Nike Doggart
Nike DoggartTropical forest conservation science
Dr Jen Dyer
Dr Jen DyerEnvironmental Conservation
Dr Judith Ford
Dr Judith FordBioenergy and land-use change
Professor Piers Forster
Professor Piers ForsterClimate Science
Josiane Gakou Kakeu
Josiane Gakou KakeuForest governance, Tropical forest, Forest-based emissions, Communities & forests, Sustainable tropical forest management, Timber trade, Climate change governance, environmental governance
Dr David Galbraith
Dr David GalbraithEarth System Dynamics
Dr Marcelo Galdos
Dr Marcelo GaldosSoil science
Dr Arjan Gosal
Dr Arjan GosalGreen Space
Anna Gugan
Anna GuganNatural Capital Valuation
Dr Christopher Hassall
Dr Christopher HassallBiodiversity, ecology, GIS, statistics, entomology, climate, urbanisation
Dr Robin Hayward
Dr Robin HaywardScience communication and outreach
Professor Dwayne Heard
Professor Dwayne HeardAtmospheric Chemistry
John Hodgson
John HodgsonForest restoration, engagement, project management
Eberechukwu Johnpaul Ihemezie
Eberechukwu Johnpaul IhemezieForest conservation and forest values
Professor Bill Kunin
Professor Bill KuninEcology
Dr Aurora Levesley
Dr Aurora LevesleyDatabase management, SQL, plant physiology, plant genetics
Professor Simon Lewis
Professor Simon LewisGlobal Change Ecology
Dr Felicity Monger
Dr Felicity MongerNatural Flood Management
Hazel Mooney
Hazel MooneyTrees, climate and atmosphere interactions, ecosystem services
Dr Andrew Nottingham
Dr Andrew NottinghamSoil biogeochemistry, Tropical ecology
Professor Doug Parker
Professor Doug ParkerMeteorology, climate, tropics, Africa.
Professor Oliver Phillips
Professor Oliver PhillipsTropical Ecology
George Porton
George PortonEcological Monitoring
Dr Alex Rap
Dr Alex RapAtmospheric Science
Dr Carly Reddington
Dr Carly ReddingtonAir pollution modelling, air pollution health impacts, biomass burning
Will Rolls
Will RollsForest management & biomass energy
Dr Susannah Sallu
Dr Susannah SalluEnvironment and Development
Dr Cat Scott
Dr Cat ScottLEAF Director; Biosphere-Climate Interactions
Molly Simmons
Molly SimmonsLandscape-scale restoration
Dr Thomas Sloan
Dr Thomas SloanCarbon storage and land management
Elle Smith
Elle SmithUrban forests
Callum Smith
Callum SmithTropical forests
Professor Dominick Spracklen
Professor Dominick SpracklenBiosphere-Atmosphere Interactions
Lena Strauß
Lena StraußBiodiversity and small island states
Dr Judith Tucker
Dr Judith TuckerLandscape, place and environment in contemporary art
Serena Turton-Hughes
Serena Turton-HughesUnknown and hidden biodiversity in UK woodlands; interdisciplinary methods; human perceptions of nature
Yizhuo Wang
Yizhuo WangEcosystem services, land use ,biodiversity, ecological restoration
Dr Xinjun Wang
Dr Xinjun WangCooling effect of green spaces; Ecological function of urban green spaces; Landscape architecture design.
Charlotte Weaver
Charlotte WeaverBioenergy and land-use change
Dr Lisa Whalley
Dr Lisa WhalleyRadical measurements and detailed chemistry modelling
Dr Stephen Whitfield
Dr Stephen WhitfieldPolitical Ecology
Dr David R Williams
Dr David R WilliamsBiodiversity conservation; land-use change
Robyn Wrigley
Robyn WrigleyEcological Monitoring
Professor Guy Ziv
Professor Guy ZivEcosystem Services