Policy Briefs

What do the findings of our research mean for policy makers?

Below we are compiling a range of policy briefs and the associated research papers from across the LEAF network.

Drivers of deforestation in Tanzania

Understanding the drivers of tropical deforestation can contribute to more effective policies to reduce deforestation. New research describes the role of small-scale agriculture in driving most deforestation in Tanzania, often alongside other activities such as livestock grazing. Led by researchers from the School of Earth and Environment, the study highlights the need for policies that encourage land-owners, including communities, to retain natural forests on their land.
Read the policy brief here.
The policy brief is also available in Swahili here.


Charcoal consumption in Tanzania

Transitioning urban households from using charcoal to using modern cooking fuels has been a policy priority for at least 20 years in Tanzania. However, charcoal has remained persistently popular, with the majority of urban households continuing to use charcoal as their main cooking fuel. The environmental and economic policy implications of charcoal’s persistent popularity are explored in a recent publication involving researchers from the School of Earth and Environment. A summary of the research and the resulting policy recommendations are presented in this policy brief.