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About LEAF

The Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere and Forest (LEAF) centre at the University of Leeds brings together forest-related research and activities from across campus. LEAF links the University with external organisations, such as local authorities, charities, government departments and the media, ensuring that our research has a tangible and beneficial impact on the world’s forests and their communities.

By linking researchers across faculties, LEAF aims to strengthen existing collaborations and encourage new inter-departmental partnerships, establishing the University of Leeds as a leading national centre in forest research. LEAF hosts regular events and maintains an active online presence, providing researchers with opportunities to disseminate the findings of their work.


Maintaining Gair Wood - A winter highlight

Guest blog by Surbhi Thakur, Gair Wood Student Sustainability Architect This winter season, I finally had the chance to visit Gair Wood, the University of Leeds' ambitious tree-planting project I had been hearing so much about. Unlike many others though, I was not there for the initial planting drive. My visit came almost a year...

Visualising Vietnam’s Future Forest Landscapes

Large areas of forest around the world have been heavily degraded by logging, fire and hunting. Restoring degraded forests helps to slow climate change, reduces flooding and provides a home for threatened wildlife. Stronger action to restore forests is urgently needed for the benefit of people, nature and our climate. Stopping forest degradation and starting...

The Animals of Gair Wood - Research Spotlight on Alana Thornton

Since completing a successful pre-planting survey last summer at the University's new research woodland, Gair Wood, Alana Thornton has returned to the site this year for a master's research project. Over two months, Alana recorded the diversity of birds and invertebrates at Gair Wood in the first summer since the woodland was planted. Alana's research...

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