Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere & Forest (LEAF) Centre

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Latest News - What drives interannual variation in tree ring oxygen isotopes in the Amazon?

In a new study, LEAF scientists use the isotopes present in tree rings to examine rainfall across the Amazon basin. Developing a good understanding of past climate is vital whenREAD ARTICLE


Green Fiscal Policy in the Forestry Sector: Critical Issues and Opportunities

16th November 2016, Level 8 Seminar Rm (8.119), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Dr. Dodik Ridho Nurrochmat from Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia will be hosted...



Biosphere-Atmosphere-Climate Interactions Meeting

13th June 2016, Liberty Building (School of Law) Lecture Theatre 1.28, University of Leeds

A research event for those working at the interface between the biosphere, atmosphere...