Evidence-based forestry in Southeast Asia

  • Date:
  • Location: Level 8 Seminar Rm (8.119), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

Together with colleagues from the Priestley International Centre for Climate and the School of Politics and International Studies, we are hosting an information sharing event with researchers from Indonesia and Malaysia.

A provisional schedule for the morning is given below – all welcome!

10:00 am, IntroductionsAdam Tyson (School of Politics and International Studies) Helena Varkkey (University of Malaya) Shofwan al-Banna Choiruzzad (University of Indonesia) Apresian Risadi (Unpar Bandung)
10:30 am, Keith Hamer (School of Biology) – Forestry and oil palm in Borneo
10:45 am, Monica Di Gregorio (School of Earth and Environment) – Climate Policy and REDD+ governance in Indonesia
11:00 am, Coffee
11:20 am, Alan Grainger (School of Geography) – Measuring forests in the world’s drylands
11:35 am, Jon Lovett (School of Geography) – Palm oil sustainability in Indonesia
11:50 am, Marta Giannichi (School of Geography) – Avoided deforestation in South America
12:05 pm, Zaid Nasution (School of Geography) – Forest governance in Indonesia
12:20 pm, Maria Beger (School of Biology) – Impacts of coastal developments in northern Borneo
12:35 pm, Dom Spracklen / Carly Reddington (School of Earth and Environment) – Air quality in Southeast Asia
13:00 pm, Lunch