LEAF Lunchtime Lecture: “How trees differ – fundamental characteristics of UK-grown tree species”

  • Date:
  • Location: Level 8 Seminar Room (8.119), School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

In our first LEAF Lunchtime Lecture we’ll be joined by Dougie Phillips from the Doctoral Training Centre in Low Carbon Technologies.

Dougie will be talking about: How trees differ – fundamental characteristics of UK-grown tree species:

Although the UK’s forests have historically been dominated by broadleaved species such as oak, beech and birch, they have undergone a gradual yet significant change over the last 100 years. Following an extensive post-war planting and breeding regime, large stands of coniferous forests have now become a prominent feature of the UK landscape. As the complexion of our forests change, it is important to understand how species differ. This talk will consider the UK’s current forest resource, specifically the properties of four UK-grown species; oak, birch, Scots pine and Sitka spruce. We will take a look at samples sourced from a total of 14 sites across the country, discussing how different species and different tree sections can fundamentally differ from one another. There are more to trees than meets the eye!

Join us from 12 – 1 pm – all are welcome and feel free to bring your lunch!