LEAF Lunchtime Lecture: “Monitoring tropical forests in a changing world”

  • Date:
  • Location: 12 - 1 pm, Roger Stevens LT9, University of Leeds

For our third LEAF Lunchtime Lecture, Martin Sullivan from the School of Geography will be talking about his work monitoring tropical forests.

Tropical forests store vast amounts of carbon. Protecting forests for their carbon is therefore an important strategy to mitigate climate change. Intact forests also continue to take in more carbon from the atmosphere than they release, but the sheer amount of carbon involved means that any changes to these processes will have important consequences for climate. This talk will explore the effect of climate change and habitat fragmentation on these processes, and will also examine whether protecting the forests which store the most carbon also protects the most biodiversity.

Join us from 12 – 1 pm – all are welcome and feel free to bring your lunch!