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People Centred Conservation in Sinai

Wednesday 14 October 2015
School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds

On Wednesday 14th October, the Environment and Development group in the Sustainability Research Institute (SRI) will be hosting a seminar by Dr Francis Gilbert of the University of Nottingham.

Francis will talk about the interaction between the traditions of local people and conservation of wildlife in the St Katherine protected area in South Sinai, Egypt.

Francis coordinates an international multidisciplinary team of colleagues who have initiated and carried out projects on biodiversity mapping, grazing, population dynamics of spiny mice, butterfly metapopulations, insect-plant interactions, ecological chemistry, plant population genetic structure, small mammal parasite communities, the diversity of ground beetles, spider diversity, the impact of introduced honeybees on native wild bees, the value of Bedouin gardens as refuges in the landscape, Bedouin ethnobotany, Bedouin environmental education, and the social anthropology of the South Sinai Bedouin.

The seminar will take place in School of Earth and Environment level 8 seminar room 8.119c at 12pm.