Leeds Ecosystem, Atmosphere & Forest (LEAF) Centre


Leeds4Trees is a new collaboration between LEAF, the United Bank of Carbon (UBoC), and Leeds City Council that will increase our knowledge about the importance of trees and green spaces in urban areas, whilst also raising funds for vital conservation efforts overseas.

Leeds City Council own and manage around 1,000 hectares of woodland in Leeds, collectively known as the Forest of Leeds, as well as numerous parks and popular visitor attractions.

i-Tree Leeds: Putting a Value on the City’s Trees

In collaboration with The Woodland Trust, Treeconomics, Forest Research and the Sustainability Service Living Lab Programme at the University of Leeds, we are investigating the economic value of trees and green spaces across the city of Leeds. Visit the project page here to find out more.

Leeds Forest Observatory

Leeds4Trees will also see the establishment of the Leeds Forest Observatory, an outdoor laboratory in public woodlands and a first for the UK. The LFO is located in Middleton Park in South Leeds and will enable researchers from the University of Leeds to examine the valuable ecosystem services provided by green spaces and woodlands. Scientists will measure the growth of the trees and how much carbon they store, record weather conditions and air quality in the park, and observe the different animals and birds living there. Visit the project page here to find out more.

Forest Twinning

Through Leeds4Trees the Forest of Leeds, and associated visitor attractions, will be twinned with ecologically important forests in the East Usambara region of Tanzania. This partnership will be mutually beneficial, raising vital funds for conservation efforts in Tanzania as well as enhancing the educational potential of local visitor attractions. Visit the project page here to find out more.